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Simply plug NALAJ into the desired power socket.

Connect your electronic device cable to HEDEG, then connect it to the power source.

Click Register on the SITAMOTO mobile application or website. Make sure the information is correct.

Download the SITAMOTO application from AppStore / PlayStore. Install the SITAMOTO devices and connect your WiFi to the SITAMOTO device’s access point. Then, add your devices to the application. Make sure there’s active WiFi near you. Choose Access Point according your devices and give it a name. Input SSID and password according to the WiFi you used. Click Add Device.

We will notify the registered account email if there is a tax update. Changes in the calculation of the estimated electricity use will follow the new basic electricity tax.

That’s right, you can control your devices wherever and whenever you want.

with SITAMOTO, you will be able to know how much you cost on every device that you connect with SITAMOTO. With this app, you can control your device, because SITAMOTO supported with on/off feature, timer, scheduler, an helps you monitor actually. You can even set target on how much you want to spend cost every month.

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