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Controlling Electronic Devices from Your Phone

SITAMOTO provides you a new experience to save your electricity bills with our exclusive products using IoT technology. Create your amazing lifestyle with us.

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About Sitamoto

SITAMOTO is an Indonesian-base IoT Service and Product provider for SmartHome / Office / City needs. We work hard to provide a new experince with high-quality IoT services to fulfill your every need


By Thorough Research, we challenge ourselves to bring you a great product to fulfill your business needs


Starting from Board Design, Prototyping, and Board development, and finalization accomplished by our best team


We prepare our outmost resources to launch great product in a great way

Mobile Port

NALAJ Smart-Plug

Enjoy the comfort and convenience of NALAJ Mobile Port for your daily mobility with pocket-sized, compact and easy to use wherever and whenever you want

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Our Services

Sitamoto BIZ

We develop IoT solutions with excellent features that suit your business needs and your electricity bill problems with easy and safe installation.


Track your business electrical usage in your very own hand


Get notifications of your electricity usage directly from your phone


Get a grip on your Electrical Device connected with SITAMOTO Device


Track your business electrical usage in your very own hand

Control Unit

HEDEG Smart-Board

HEDEG is a multi-device control that can control and help you to save electricity bills for 10 electronic devices at once. Try and get the benefits now!

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Our technology is suitable for You

Business Fit

The IoT solution to all your needs with high-level connectivity and security for...

Home Industry

Increase efficiency on electrical usage and monitor your production customized to your needs


Grant your tenants great experience to control their properties and monitor their activities


Office productivity is a must and we could enhance to your needs


Increase the efficiency and disrupt your manufacturing process by using IoT solution

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How i(O)t Works

Find out how our products can help you and your business.

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Turn your home into Smart Home with IoT for a more energy-efficient and safety

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