Talk with your house, literally!

Yes, our office is this cool


Cool Stuff We Make

we're trying our best to simplify your home experience with our Sita & Moto Products

  • Smart Speaker
  • Android/iOS Application
  • Web Management System
  • CCU - Centralized Control Unit
  • Sita A.I
  • Open API Capability
  • SitaLock System
  • SitaSensor System
  • SitaLectric Ports
  • SitaSecure System

Benefits and Features

What you say is what you get

Business Enhancement

Efficiency is our middle name.. no, but we could help you with that

Home Industry

Efficient electrical usage and analyze the instruments output


Giving a new housing experience for your costumer, new value for your business


Easy management with great interactivity and efficiency on office instruments control


Great analytical output use to increase your business outcome